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Welcome to Urban Skin & Hair Clinic. We are a leading dermatologist in Pune. Our skin specialist in Pune has decades of expertise in treating all skin-related problems. We have a proven track record and helped 1 lakh patients to cure their skin-related issues.

Dr Kiran and Dr Nitin are on a mission to treat all types of skin conditions and put a smile on the faces of Punekars.

So, if you are looking for the best dermatologist for skin treatment near me or a skin treatment clinic in Pune, congratulations, you are at the right place. Get rid of all significant skin-related problems today. Visit the Advanced Skin Treatment Centre in Fc Road and Pimple Gurav, Pune. Contact Us or Call us at +91 7821820989

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Are you wondering whether you need a skin treatment or not? Are you an ideal candidate for our skin clinic in Pune?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we recommend you contact our top dermatologist in Pune and get a customized treatment plan for your skin problem. Contact us to consult with our skin doctors in Pune.

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About Our Dermatology Clinic in Pune

Dr Kiran and Dr Nitin are Pune’s best and most renowned skin doctors and dermatologists. Our skin doctors have decades of experience treating cosmetic and skin problems like moles, warts, skin tags, unwanted tattoos, acne, hair loss, melasma and unwanted hair removal with a proven and successful track record.

At our dermatology clinic in Pune, we believe in providing world-class skin care treatment at a very pocket-friendly price, with our advanced skin treatment in Pune like HydraFacial treatment, Hair PRP treatment, Laser Hair Removal treatment, Chemical Peel treatment, Face PRP treatment (Vampire Facial) and Carbon Peel treatment and many more.

We have helped hundreds of people to get rid of their skin problems and put a smile on their faces. What are you waiting for? Visit People First Choice Skin Clinic in Pune and get rid of your skin problem today; contact us today or call us at +91 7821820989

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Our Popular Cosmetic & Skin Care Treatment in Pune

Acne Treatment

Getting rid of acne is now easy with Urban's acne treatment solution. No more acne with our customized treatment plan .

Hair Loss Treatment

Getting rid of acne is now easy with Urban's acne treatment solution. No more acne with our customized treatment plan .

HyrdraFacial Treatment

Getting rid of acne is now easy with Urban's acne treatment solution. No more acne with our customized treatment plan .

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Getting rid of acne is now easy with Urban's acne treatment solution. No more acne with our customized treatment plan .
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Our Customized Skin Care Treatment in Pune

Our expert skin doctors diagnose and understand the cause of your skin problem and then they create customized skin care solution and provide skin care routine which are safe a affordable.

Our skin specialists in Pune have 7+ years of experts in treating skin problems in Pune and helped 1lakh plus patients to get their flawless and glowing skin.

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Urban Skin and Hair clinic is a world class world-class Dermatology clinic in Pune, and our expert doctors have 7+ years of experience and treated complexed and critical skin problems and very price. Meet our Skin Doctors in Pune

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Flat No. A 1/2, Pariseema Society, Shirole Road, opp. Fergusson College Road, Main Gate, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004

Open Hours 

  • Monday to Wednesday : 10 am–8 pm
  • Thursday : Closed
  • Friday to Saturday: 10 am-8 pm

Dermatology skin clinic in Pune FAQ

The early symptoms of Acne can be small tender bumps on the skin, which are often filled with pus. You can even develop a combination of these breakouts on your skin. Some of the most common and early symptoms of Acne are as follows

  • Blackheads – It is yellowish and has small black bumps on the skin. These look black due to the presence of pigmentation produced because of the inner lining of the hair follicle. The dermatologist highly recommends treating these with retinoid instead of squeezing it out because it can leave a permanent scar
  • Whiteheads are similar to blackheads in terms of appearance but firmer, and they can’t be completely squeezed out. It can be cured with the help of acne treatment, as plucking them up can be painful and infectious.
  • Pimple – The dead skin cells and bacteria get trapped inside a pore and cause pimples if these are mild, then they can be treated with acne products that contain a retinoid, azelaic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.
  • Acne nodule or cyst – Acne nodules are larger acne bumps that build up under the skin, which can be very painful. Cyst looks like boils and carries the highest risks of causing permanent scars. In some cases, dermatologists prefer to inject it with medication which helps them to clear it more quickly.

The common risk factors for Acne are as follows

  • Age – Acne is very common in teenagers; however, it can occur to anyone at any stage of life, and people of all ages can get it.
  • Changes in Hormonal balance – Androgen hormones increase in girls and boys during puberty and expand the sebaceous glands while making it more sebum. These hormonal changes can lead to breakouts, particularly in women in their midlife, which allows Acne to stay for longer than usual
  • Medical History – If any of your parents or both parent has Acne, there is a higher chance for you to develop it too as genetics plays a very important role in Acne
  • Uses of oily and greasy products – If you are using any oily lotions or creams on your skin, then you might develop Acne
  • Friction on your skin – If your acne-prone skin is continuously in contact with cell phones, telephone, backpacks, helmets, and tight collars, then it can create friction, and then you might develop Acne

If you have mild Acne, you can speak to the pharmacy and easily get medical to cure it which is a smart move to stop the outspread of Acne, but dermatologist believes that two pimples can be alike and the dermatologist can guide you and advise you regarding the treatment options for different types of Acne. Here are the three questions which are the best indicators that you need to see a doctor for Acne

  • Are the gels, creams, and cleansers you have been using have stopped working?
  • Is Acne reducing your confidence, or is it taking a toll on your self-esteem?
  • Are the pimples painful and leaving dark spots and scars behind?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you need to consult a dermatologist immediately.

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