How Much Does Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost?

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Excess body hair is a significant concern for both men and women. Nobody likes excess hair on their body, and therefore we remove them regularly. 

However, you would agree with us when we say that nobody likes painful waxing or cuts from shaving. On top of that, these methods are temporary, which means you have to go through them regularly.

Don’t worry; we have got your back! You can get rid of unwanted hair with full body laser hair removal treatment.

This blog covers the basics about full-body laser hair removal and the cost of the same.

What Is Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

When you decide to get a full-body laser hair removal, your dermatologist will do a thorough analysis. He will divide your body into different segments and decide the number of sessions required. 

In a full-body laser hair removal package, almost all the body areas are covered. Most dermatologists cover the entire body by classifying it into Upper Body, Mid Body, Bikini, and Lower Body.

The dermatologist uses a laser machine that emits laser beams on your skin during a laser hair removal process. This laser light gets absorbed by the melanin present in your hair. On absorption, the light converts into heat and damages the hair follicles. As a result, it inhibits or delays the hair growth process in the future.

Watch this interesting  Video if you wish to see what happens to your hair follicles.

Other than this, with its long-term benefits, people believe that laser hair removal is an expensive procedure. However, the cost of laser hair removal depends on various factors and is less than other hair removal methods.

Let’s know about the full body laser hair removal cost.

What Is The Cost Of Full Body Laser Hair Removal In India?

Compared to getting a laser hair removal for a specific body part, a full body package comes at a nice offer. It is a bundled offer where the cost decreases if you get a full-body package. The cost of full body laser hair removal treatment costs ranges between Rs 15000 to Rs 30,000 per session in India. Dermatologists recommend 6-8 sessions to see the desired results.

The cost can also vary depending upon the city you reside in. However, there might be some offers or coupons that the clinic provides to its customers. In the end, getting a full body hair removal package comes at a great offer!

Should I consider getting a full-body laser hair removal treatment?

If you have excess body hair or your outings depend on your waxing or shaving appointment, consider getting a laser hair removal treatment. The result may vary from person to person and last from months to a year. Moreover, when the hair grows back, it is finer and lighter in color.

In conclusion, getting a full body laser hair removal when you need to get ready in minutes is a great thing. It saves you from monthly waxing appointments that cost you good money and cause pain.

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Full body laser hair removal treatment is an advanced procedure to remove excess hair and stay tense-free before every outing. When you choose the right dermatologist and the right clinic, the treatment becomes smooth, affordable and gives desired results.

If you think of getting laser hair removal, consult our expert dermatologist and know the best cost for your case!

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