14 Best Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

14 Best Ways to Prevent Hair Fall


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Hair is the ‘crowning glory’ that adds to your style and personality. However, the constant use of hair products, lack of maintenance, poor diet, styling, quality of water and age can easily take a toll on your hair health.

Although losing around 50-100 strands of hair a day is no big deal, excessive hair loss is alarming and needs urgent attention. So, this blog is for you if you are facing excessive hair fall for no apparent reason. Read on to find out the remedies to prevent hair fall.

Here are some effective ways to help you control your hair fall situation to a great extent:

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1) Check your Water Quality

The most common cause of hair loss is poor water quality. Hard water causes irreversible damage to your hair as the excess magnesium, calcium, and salts present in hard water form a layer on your hair strands that dries out your hair. In addition, when you don’t wash your hair properly, hard water residue accumulates on your scalp, leading to dandruff and breakage. Hard water also has a high pH level, which negatively charges your hair, resulting in friction and breakage.

Hard water has a pH level of 8.5, whereas your hair has a pH level is 3.5. As the pH level of water is almost double the pH of your hair, it can produce a lot of damage to your tresses.

So, if you are losing hair even after eating right or using the right products, the issue lies in your water. Getting the water quality tested can help you know if the water you are using is hard.

2) Use a hard Water Softenerty

If you find out that you get hard water, it’s time to invest in a water softener to prevent hair fall. The only way to deal with the hard water problem of causing excessive damage to your hair is by using soft water.

Unfortunately, the traditional softening methods are time-consuming and don’t serve your purpose. A water softener is a non-electric appliance that exchanges excessive minerals such as calcium and magnesium with sodium, making the water soft.

It is easy to install even if you have space constraints. This effective hair fall solution will improve the quality of your hair and prevent breakage.

3) Follow a Proper Diet

Besides the water quality, it is important to follow a healthy and nutrition-rich diet. Ensure you include important vitamins and proteins in your diet to minimize hair fall. Eat foods loaded with iron, biotin, proteins, vitamin E, and zinc.

Vitamin A promotes sebum production, and Vitamin E improves blood circulation that helps to keep the hair follicles productive. In addition, foods like lean meat, soy, and fish curb hair loss and promote hair health, besides maintaining their texture and quality.

4) Use a Mild Shampoo

Instead of using chemical loaded shampoos, go for herbal or natural shampoos. Routinely washing your hair with mild shampoo keeps your scalp clean, reducing the risk of dandruff and infections. In addition, when your scalp is clean, the chances of hair loss are reduced.

5) Regular Oil Massage

Regularly oiling your hair comes with several benefits. First, make sure you mix essential oils such as almond, lavender, and castor oil. Then, massage your scalp for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Massaging your scalp improves blood circulation that reduces the chances of hair loss.

6) Don't Brush Wet Hair

Your hair may become weak when it’s wet. Therefore, combing wet hair increases the risk of hair loss. However, if you need to comb wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb to prevent breakage.

Avoid brushing your hair too frequently as it can injure hair and increase hair loss. Using a wooden, wide-toothed comb can help to reduce hair breakage to a great extent.

7) Stay Hydrated

Almost one-quarter of the hair shaft contains water, so drinking plenty of water is essential to prevent hair loss. Make sure you drink at least 3 litres of water every day to keep your hair healthy and stay hydrated.

8) Avoid Smoking

Smoking leads to hair loss besides causing other medical issues. Cigarettes can reduce the blood flow to your scalp, affecting hair growth.

9) Exercise

Exercising is essential to having magnificent hair. Based on your preference, you can walk or hit the gym for about 30 to 45 minutes a day to reduce stress, balance hormone levels, and improve blood circulation to reduce hair loss.

10 )Don't Rub your Hair

Many people rub their hair right after taking a bath. This habit causes dry hair and increases the chances of hair loss and breakage. Instead, make sure you don’t rub your hair with a dry towel and let your hair dry naturally.

11) Stay Away from Chemical Treatments

Hair straightening or coloring your hair harms your hair. If you already suffer from hair loss, make sure you don’t undergo any chemical treatments as it can worsen the situation.

12) Keep your Scalp Sweat-Free

Oily hair leads to dandruff, especially during summer due to sweating, which can increase hair fall chances. To have a sweat-free scalp, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. In addition, you can use shampoos that have neem, which helps keep your scalp clean and dandruff-free.

13) Avoid Hot Water Bath

Hair is very delicate, so it is important not to use excessively hot water to wash your hair. Hot water activates the oil-producing glands and steals away hair color. Instead, use lukewarm water to dilute the secretion of oil glands which further improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss.

4) Tie your Hair when Sleeping

This tip is handy for people with a medium or long length of hair. To prevent breakage of hair, make sure you loosely tie your hair while sleeping. This will also prevent your hair from being frizzy or tangled.


Hair loss is inevitable as you age. Although it is not possible to prevent hair loss completely, there are certain ways that you can use to avoid hair loss. Besides following the diet tips and using the right hair care products, check the quality of water you use. 

Reach out to us for any concerns regarding hair fall, prevention, and treatment!

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