Botox treatment in Pune

Best Botox treatment in Pune

Want young, wrinkle-less skin? Botox therapy is one of the best solutions as it reduces fine lines, wrinkles and anti-aging signs. Botox is a form of cosmetic treatment in which a solution called botulinum toxin is injected into muscles so you get young, cleaner and smooth skin.

So if you are looking for an affordable clinic for Botox treatment in Pune, congratulation, you are at the right place. At Urban Skin & Hair Clinic, we provide safe and customized Botox treatment services in Pune. Contact Us or Call us at +91 7821820989

How does Botox injection treatment in Pune work?

Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection blocks certain nerve signals which make muscles contract; because of this, muscles relax and help reduce unwanted wrinkles and lines on the skin. Botox helps you to improve your overall skin appearance.

We have expert Doctors for Botox treatment in Pune who understand your requirements and provide safe & customized Botox treatment at a very affordable price.

Botox treatment hardly takes 1-2 hours per session. Sessions always depend on the requirement of the patient and the area to be treated. Most patients need only need touchup sessions after 3-4 months.

Condition treated with Botox treatment in Pune

Cosmetic condition treated by Botox in Pune

You know Botox injections treat wrinkles and skin lines and make your skin young and glowing. So at our advanced Botox treatment Centre in Pune, we provide the following Botox treatments which are following:- 

  • Treating frown lines
  •  Treating your forehead lines
  • Crows feet
  • Upper face 
  • Sweaty palms & underarms
  • Eyebrow reshaping treatment
  • Lifting jawline and cheeks
  • Treating lower eyelid lines
  • Nasal lines
  • Turkey neck bands 
  • Horizontal forehead lines

Don’t waste your time; visit our expert Botox specialist in Pune. Get customized and safe Botox therapy at a reasonable price.

How to choose best clinic for Botox injection treatment in Pune?

Choosing the right Botox Treatment Centre in Pune is sometime overwhelming because of too much options available on the internet. So don’t worry; here are some checklist you must follow before visiting Botox.

If all the above points get checked like our Urban Skin & Hair Clinic, you can visit the clinic for your Botox treatment in Pune.

How to choose best Botox treatment center in Pune
How we diagnosis for Botox injection treatment

How we diagnosis for Botox treatment in Pune?

Our expert Botox specialists in Pune has 10+ years of experience. Here are the procedure we follow for you Botox treatment.

Our result driven Botox injection treatment in Pune

Here are the steps we follow to provide best Botox treatment in Pune which are as follows:- 

  •  After the diagnosis, you will get pre-care instructions from our doctors that you need to follow.

  • We will start your Botox session in a safe and sterilized environment per USFDA guidelines.

  • Now our expert will clean and sterilize the target area and apply numbing cream for painless treatment. Now we will inject a fine needle of diluted Botox solution.

  • After your Botox therapy, you will get a pre care instructions from our doctors which you need to follow for best botox result
Botox pre care treatment instructions

Botox pre care treatment instructions

Here are the lists of Dont’s you need to follow as per our Botox treatment specialist in Pune which are as follows:-

1. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs
2. Avoid alcohol (24 hrs prior)
3. Eat a small meal/snack (before the appointment)
4. Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing etc.
5. Avoid sun exposure
6. Give proper medical history to the doctor
7. if you have Herpes Simplex (cold sores) on your face (inform the doctor)

Botox post care treatment instructions

Here are the lists of Do’s you need to follow as per our best doctors for Botox treatment in Pune which are as follows:-

1. Avoid exercise and sweating (2-4hrs after treatment)
2. Don’t touch or rub your injected area (2-4hrs)
3. Avoid any facial (14 days after treatment)
4. Put sunscreen every day
5. It may take 14 days to see the full result

Botox post care treatment instructions

Risk & side effects with Botox treatment in Pune

1. You may have some pain, swelling, redness or bruising
2. There could be Flu-like symptoms.
3. You may suffer from headaches after Botox
4. There could be pain in the neck
5. You may suffer from an Upset stomach (indigestion).
6. Temporary drooping eyelids (ptosis).
7. You may face eye irritation or redness.

Who should avoid Botox injection treatment center in Pune?

1. If you have weak facial muscles.
2. If you are suffering from Ptosis (drooping eyelids)
3. If you have Neuromuscular disease.

If you have any problems mentioned above, we recommend avoiding Botox injection treatment in Pune.

Who should avoid the Botox treatment center in Pune

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Meet our Expert Botox Specialist in Pune

At Urban Skin and Hair clinic our Botox doctors in Pune provide safe & affordable botox injection care. Our experts have 9+ years of experience in giving Botox therapy . Meet our best expert doctors in Pune

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Botox treatment in Pune FAQ

Urban Skin & Hair Clinic is to provide world-class Botox treatment at an affordable price. Our Botox treatment starts from ₹10,000

Yes, when you treated by expert Botox doctors who have years of expertise in Botox therapy then you get safe and best treatment result.

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